The Heart is a Wrestling Place

• • • • • Parenting Tip November 24, 2012     The Heart is a Wrestling Place   The heart is where we wrestling with things. When experience, teaching, and values need to be integrated into life, it happens in the workshop of the heart. Information comes into our heads on a regular basis

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The Gratefulness Principle

• • • • • Parenting Tip November 19, 2012 The Gratefulness Principle Gratitude increases closeness in relationships. As you parent your children, look for opportunities to take advantage of gratefulness to draw closer to your kids. Give your children small gifts of love day after day. Be careful, though, that you don’t confuse the

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A Budding Leader

Parenting Tip November 14, 2012   A Budding Leader   The early signs of a budding leader are often things like determination, resourcefulness, and persistence. Unfortunately, some children demonstrate these qualities in ways that create conflict and resistance. They often argue relentlessly, have their own agenda, are stubborn, and expect others to do what they

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Tasks, Problems, Conflict

• • • • • Parenting Tip November 10, 2012   Tasks, Problems, Conflict   One way to avoid emotional outbursts with our children is to understand the difference between tasks, problems, and conflict. Tasks are the normal things parents do each day. You get kids out of bed, make sure they’re dressed, provide breakfast,

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Teaching Cooperation

• • • • • Parenting Tip November 8, 2012   Teaching Cooperation We all want cooperation from our children. Many parents are disappointed when they don’t get it, but do we take time to teach it? Cooperation involves give and take. As parents, we are more than willing to give, expecting that our children

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