Referencing the Normal

“How do you stop a rhinoceros from charging?  You take away his credit cards.”  It’s a joke, but it only makes sense if you have knowledge of the words being used.  If you had no reference to rhino’s or credit cards, the joke would fall flat.  Consider repeating the same joke to teenagers of today. 

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Muscle and a Shovel

Have you heard of the book, Muscle and a Shovel by Michael shank? That’s a question that was asked at our Houston-area preachers’ luncheon last month by one of our members. Interestingly, not one of the preachers there had heard of the book. The questioner told the story of getting a phone call from a

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5 Youth Culture Trends

1.  Social Media Narcissm 2.  Relativism 3.  Cohabitation 4. Tolerance 5. Marketing & Consumerism For better understanding of the youth culture, and resources, check CPYU    

Be Careful with Triangles

• • • • • Parenting Tip July 25, 2013  Be Careful with Triangles Triangles in relationships happen often in family life. Conflict between two people can become an invitation for another person to join in. If parents aren’t careful, and create triangles inappropriately, people get hurt. But if triangles are used properly, they become

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Sad Instead of Mad

• • • • • Parenting Tip July 12, 2013   Sad Instead of Mad   Often parents have a poor repertoire of discipline techniques so they do what comes naturally—they use anger as a consequence. Anger becomes the punishment that children learn to fear and the result is distance in relationships. Parents want to

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“That’s Not Fair!”

• • • • • Parenting Tip July 5, 2013 “That’s Not Fair!” Competition between siblings is often demonstrated by the statement, “That’s not fair” or “What about him?” Competition stems from comparison and often creates conflict in relationships between brothers and sisters. Here’s an idea that will go a long way to reduce the

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