I hope you have noticed that we have made a change to the title of our efforts on the 9th, from “Bring a Friend” to “BE a Friend.” It was, hopefully, more than cosmetic or semantic. Our purpose for the day is two-fold: First, we want it to dovetail with Apple Tree Program, to show our children that they have a friend here (not just through prayer). Second, we want to make our friends / community aware that they have a friend at this congregation.

There are some things we want everyone to do for Be a Friend Day. Please make a personal contact with a friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative and invite them to share the day with you. Preferably invite them face to face, but if that is not possible, make contact in the same way you would contact them about any other issue.

We ask everyone to plan to stay for the lunch together, whether you bring someone or not. Unless you have to work, stay. Help us make the day an important day for all who bring their friends to meet and share with us. Let’s make the day about them. Bring enough food for your family and for others. Plan to help in the set up, serving or clean up.

We will have a special (and short) program during lunch, and we will distribute the Apple Tree Kids names that day as a part of the time together. We believe it will be a really positive day, and a time to introduce you friends to the body here and to our True Friend, Jesus.

Please be a part of it.



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