I hate my toe! It’s purple and swollen and bloody. I think it’s broken but I’ve never seen a toe cast so I’m not going to bother having it examined, it throbs enough already. The pain is creating a limp in my walk and putting on socks takes forever. I’ll probably lose the toenail. Feet

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Recognizing a eureka moment isn’t that difficult. Responding to it is another story. In my case, it seems I have a slow learning curve. Our annual college retreat has injured my body in some way or another: broken rib, sprained ankle, and whiplash to name the biggest. Notice how I blame it all on the

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Referencing the Normal

“How do you stop a rhinoceros from charging?  You take away his credit cards.”  It’s a joke, but it only makes sense if you have knowledge of the words being used.  If you had no reference to rhino’s or credit cards, the joke would fall flat.  Consider repeating the same joke to teenagers of today. 

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5 Youth Culture Trends

1.  Social Media Narcissm 2.  Relativism 3.  Cohabitation 4. Tolerance 5. Marketing & Consumerism For better understanding of the youth culture, and resources, check CPYU