Our Dominica mission trip for 2011 is now in the record books, and it was a tremendous  success! And, I can measure that success in multiple ways. First of all, our group was able to conduct Bible studies with 168 different people in the village of St. Joseph, which was our target community this year. And all this work was done in five full workdays and four half workdays of canvassing. Many of those people were studied with multiple times, and we left perhaps two dozen very serious students to be followed up on by Lester John. Lester and his wife, Shalene, have built their home in St. Joseph, which is a neighboring community to Salisbury, where he preaches. There is no church building in St. Joseph, but based on the response we had during our trip, I would not be surprised to see that circumstance change in the next few months Not only did we have a lot of initial contacts, we also had many of our new friends attend a crusade service at night or a church service on Sunday. One of the night crusades had 19 different visitors, and on our second Sunday, eight from St. Joseph got on the bus that picked us up to take us to services in Salisbury. Both those statistics are phenomenal. Another measure of our success this year was the diligence and the effort of our team members. Eight of our 12 team members were on their first trip to the island, and 10 of them were under 30 years old! Not only did they have  great energy and team spirit, they demonstrated great skill and ability. I believe the  experience will set them up well for the days ahead as they serve their Master. So let me commend to you once again, Pam Veteto, Kerry Burkett, Cody Veteto, Amanda Thornton,  Kasey Veteto, Celeste Clary, Jared Cammon, Greg Lewis, Jordan Fontenot, David Crowder, and Joseph Chavarria.

And once again let me thank you for supporting us on this mission.

Serving Him, Ralph

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