Recognizing a eureka moment isn’t that difficult. Responding to it is another story. In my case, it seems I have a slow learning curve. Our annual college retreat has injured my body in some way or another: broken rib, sprained ankle, and whiplash to name the biggest. Notice how I blame it all on the retreat? This year, the retreat did it again. I was being pulled behind a boat on a tube, in very rough water, and as we slung to one side I was determined to not fall off. I held on tight, felt the right shoulder tweak, held tighter and heard something pop, held tighter and felt something tear. All the while my mind was saying “It would be a really good idea to let go at this point…especially at this point…what are you thinking…what is your problem, let go!?”

Anybody who knows me long enough knows I have a problem; well, several actually. One of my biggest is pride. When I got on that tube, an 18 year old kid got on with me and challenged me to stay on. I did. I showed him. I proved who the real man was. Wait, see, there it goes again. “When pride talketh, you look like an idiot.” That’s not a real Bible proverb, but it’s not far off of God’s recorded wisdom and examples in His Word.

You would think previous experience would be a great teacher. It is and it’s called wisdom; learning from the past and applying knowledge appropriately. Now I get to face doctor appointments, therapy, setbacks in my triathlon training, ridicule from my peers, and a not too happy spouse. I guess my consolation, my eureka moment, is how this all applies to my spiritual walk. It’s foolishness to hang on to sin. Whatever gain you may receive (temporary, mind you) pales in comparison to what it costs. It’s not that I already didn’t know that. The bigger issue is uprooting the cause, submitting my life-draining ego to God’s life-giving Spirit. I know it’s cliche, but it seems appropriate, “Let go and let God.” It’s not the fault of circumstances or others. It’s entirely within my own grasp.



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