Family Camp-Out

(The following is a guest article written by Hope Gibson)

The League City church of Christ would like to invite all those who are interested in a fun-filled weekend of camping pleasure and family fun to the Huntsville State Park on December 14, 15, & 16, 2012.

League City church of Christ has hosted family campout weekends over the last 11 plus years.  It is always a joy to spend time with our family and grow closer to each other.

Huntsville State Park has always been a favorite location among many of our campers.  There is usually ample number of shelters available for use and we always make an effort to claim those shelters in a cluster so we are all located in close proximity to each other.  You can visit Texas State for more information about the park.

Traditionally, we share the responsibility of planning the meals.  We sign-up in teams, so you are only responsible for planning one meal with one or two other families.  This frees up a lot more time over-all for       fun-filled activities.  We also have worship and devo time before we pack up and go home on Sunday morning. This time is spent in prayer, worship and communion, as well as a lesson, all led by our own men.

We would greatly enjoy getting to know you and sharing with you God’s love.  If you are interested, please sign-up on the bulletin board   located outside the teacher workroom.  The deadline is Saturday,          September 8th.  This gives us time to securely claim the number of shelters that will be needed.  If you have questions, you can contact Jeremy and I at 281-482-2407.  This will be a weekend of fun and fellowship.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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