There are many very rational questions that can be raised in regard to faith issues and biblical matters. On one level it even makes sense for someone to say, “I don’t understand  that, so I refuse to believe.” Sometimes people of faith are stymied by such thoughts or statements, maybe even feeling a bit embarrassed at not having a specific answer for everything. But I believe it is also rational and normal to believe things that you don’t fully understand. For instance, I don’t understand computers, but I’m using one today. I don’t understand everything about electricity, but I flipped on the light switch earlier in full belief that the darkness in the room would be dispelled. I don’t understand how the lovely lady I married has been able to put up with me for more than 44 years, but I’m really grateful she has. And, I cannot fully grasp the magnitude of love that God has for
us, but I believe it. He demonstrated that love when He dwelt among us in the flesh (John 1:14) and, surrendered Himself as a sacrifice on the cross to pay for our sins. And though we cannot completely comprehend the scope of His love, it makes great sense to me to respond in gratitude, to live my life in honor of that love, and to prepare for eternity by accepting such a great gift.

Serving Him, Ralph

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