I hate my toe! It’s purple and swollen and bloody. I think it’s broken but I’ve never seen a toe cast so I’m not going to bother having it examined, it throbs enough already. The pain is creating a limp in my walk and putting on socks takes forever. I’ll probably lose the toenail. Feet are disgusting enough already, who needs toes anyway? I hate tent stakes! I jumped out of my hammock and ran to my backpack, tripping over a tent stake in the process. I crumpled to the ground in pain, just knowing my toe was seriously in trouble. I would have dug the stake out of the ground and thrown it into the woods had it not been for the rain. Who needs tent stakes anyway?
I hate rain! I went to bed without worrying about covering my hammock with a tarp because the whole State had been in a drought and the sky looked clear. Evidently it clouded up around 5 am and I was awakened with rain in my face. If it wasn’t for the rain I wouldn’t have had to get out of my hammock, trip on a tent stake, break my toe, and wobble for days. Who needs rain anyway? I hate hammocks! They expose you to the elements of camping. Speaking of, I hate camping! Yeah, that’s it; my toe problem all started with camping. Who needs hammock camping anyway? I wouldn’t be in this mess if I had chosen a hotel.
Maybe. Maybe not. The blame game always finds something to hate. Voiding our lives of things, people, or circumstances that bring trouble is sometimes a reactionary move that misses something/someone much higher. Some things are within my control and some are not. Either way, Jesus, not things, people or circumstances, promises the peace (John 16:33). I think I’ll keep my toe, stop hating and start trusting the promise. I need Him anyway!


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