I said something I shouldn’t have the other day. It was a casual comment. I didn’t think it was anything harmful, nor did I mean for it to be. It was only a two word spark (James 3:5) and that’s it. “He’s weird.” Then it happened. The spark ignited more than I intended. “And you’re not?” was the comment casually made in my direction from someone who heard my two word nothing.

That’s when it hit me. My words, whatever my motive or intent, do mean something. When I’m all alone in the car and the other driver cuts me off. When that guy is wearing what I suppose is his definition of clothing. When she says what she thinks is intelligent. When they behave irrationally. When it just happens…again. Whatever the situation and whomever the person, it’s always everybody else who is the fill-in-the-blank weird one. How foolishly arrogant of me. Who am I to think that I am not who I say they are? Why is it that everyone else must adhere to my standard of normal before reserving judgment? Our youth group requested a study on hypocrisy in their Wednesday night classes. Now I  see why. It is one of the major detractors of wanting to belong to a church or religious  movement. I am guilty as charged. I am not alone either. There are lots of Biblical  examples and our study forces us to come to grips with the nature of man and how  hypocrisy, although very real, doesn’t have to derail our purpose in Jesus Christ. That’s the weird thing about studying God’s word, it penetrates deeper than you ever expected  (Hebrews 4:12)!

Maranatha, Kouba

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